Beckmann Technology Projects | Virtualization
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Virtualization allows a collection of one or more machines to play host for multiple discreet “virtual machines” which can then share the resources of the host machine. The primary positive upshot of virtualization is that one powerful and high reliability machine can take the place of several less powerful and reliable machines. Consider the example given below where several servers are each given their own machine compared to being deployed on a single virtualization server:

Dedicated Servers Public Cloud Virtualization on
Dedicated Servers
Cost per Year $8400 $6600 $6000
One time cost $9300
Savings (compared to
Ded servers)
$1800 $2400

Cost savings is not the only benefit of virtualization. New virtual machines can be created or cloned on demand from existing machines (physical or virtual). This facilitates migration from a previous server deployment, allows for rapid testing of software updates and patches and many other conveniences that are just not possible with discreet servers.