Does your technology investment do everything you want it to? Do you suspect that you could be getting more from your investment or utilizing technology more efficiently? Are your resources properly backed up? Are you protected from intrusion.

Proper system administration is at the core of your technology investment. While computers are excellent at performing mundane tasks repeatedly, they must be configured and maintained in order to keep in good working order. Without regular maintenance your systems are a headache waiting to happen.

At Beckmann Technology Projects, LLC we can monitor, maintain, and optimize your IT resources to avoid problems before they occur. Some of the services we can perform in order to make sure your systems are not holding your business back include:

  • Backup Configuration, Auditing, and Testing - An untested backup is as good as no backup at all. 
  • User Maintenance - Businesses cycle through users. Have you disabled old users and added new ones to keep up with these changes?
  • Software Updates and Patches - Criminals are discovering new ways to attack computer systems every day and updates are released to prevent these security holes from being exploited. Are your systems up to date?
  • Security Checks - In the event that a system has been compromised it is not always detected, especially on servers. Many viruses and malware deliberately hides itself from detection so your computer can be used for all kinds of undesirable activities.
  • Disk Utilization Checks - How much data is on your disks? Many operating systems will cease to function correctly if its hard disks run out of space.
  • Performance Monitoring - Many factors can affect a computer's performance. Analysis of a slow system can reveal problems ranging from memory leaks to overloaded systems.
  • Cleaning - Systems that are fouled with dirt and dust cannot cool themselves properly. This can lead to irregular system behavior and even hardware failure. Don't overlook this crucial aspect of system administration.

 Beckmann Technology Projects, LLC can assume the role of, or augment, your IT department so that tasks such as these and the risks associated with neglecting them can be crossed off your "To Do" list.

Rest easy knowing that Beckmann Technology Projects, LLC is maintaining your information technology investment.

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