Beckmann Technology Projects | Networking
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In contemporary computing we depend on networking technologies to perform even the most mundane tasks. Besides the obvious uses of email and web browsing we use networks to print, perform inventory, even do our accounting. You deserve to have a reliable, well maintained network that fits your budget.

Whether you want to connect computers across a room or across the planet Beckmann Technology Projects, LLC can help you build, maintain, secure, and grow your network.

Our extensively certified knowledgeable staff and preferred vendor relationships meets the information technology planning, design, implementation, maintenance and management requirements of both single and multi-tiered networks. We have a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs.

Do you know what 802.3, 802.11, TCP, UDP, SMB, AFP, or NFS are? We do, and we’ll help you make the most of them while keeping a close eye on your bottom line.