Beckmann Technology Projects | Internet and Phone Systems
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Internet and Phone Systems

The internet is wonderful but most business is still done over the phone. A company’s internet and phone service represents a significant portion of any operating budget

In the modern economy any business who is not connected to the outside world by either an internet connection, phone line, or both is missing significant amounts of opportunity. There are many players on the field that want to provide these services to you. How do you choose your provider? How do you choose a service?

In addition, there are many mature technologies that will allow any business to create professional, feature-rich phone systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. These systems can be implemented quickly and easily and can be configured to provide such facilities as

  • Automated attendant (in multiple languages)

  • Voicemail and voicemail to email

  • Off-site call routing

  • De-centralized grouping and call pooling

  • Virtual office networks

  • International calling and trunking

  • Remote (satellite) location integration

These and many other features can be used to replace a costly legacy system or integrated into an existing system to provide expanded functionality.