Beckmann Technology Projects | Superior Tech Support
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We Help You Understand IT

Information technology is an integral part of modern business and lifestyle. Every new day brings new advancements and, with it, fresh new ideas and possibilities. Where do you turn when you’re lost in the confusion of industry acronyms and obsolescence that can be measured in months?


Beckmann Technology Projects, LLC was founded with one goal in mind: To make technology accessible and understandable to everyone.


Give us a call at 347.927.6732 to see what we can do for you or your business today!


We endeavor to always be available for you and your business. If a system goes down, we’ll be there. If a router needs to be replaced at 3 o’clock in the morning, we’ll be there. If you need help with data recovery or even a new equipment purchase, we’ll be there. Just give us a call.


We promise to handle your IT needs with the delicacy and propriety you would expect from a member of your own staff. We would like to be considered part of the team that makes your business operate at peak efficiency. We want to make your IT our business.

Response Time

Even the best efforts to keep your technology running are sometimes undermined by the tendency of all things to break. When problems occur, the personnel at Beckmann Technology Projects stands ready to spring into action and get you back up and running in no time.


We make sure to treat you and your IT problem with the respect they deserve. We are here as a resource to help you get the most from your IT investment and maintain continuity in your home or business.

A Few Of Our Partners

We attend to every aspect of each project, regardless of your companies size.